CSET Mathematics Practice Test Questions

Below are sample CSET Mathematics practice test questions from various areas of the exam.

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CSET Mathematics Subtest 1 Practice Test Question

Find all the complex zeros of

f(x) =  x3 – 3x2 + 4x – 12

A. -3, 2i, -2i
B. 3, 2, -2
C. -3, 2, -2
D. 3, 2i, -2i

CSET Mathematics Subtest 2 Practice Test Question

A farmer has a rectangular plot with sprinklers along the long side. Each of three water sprinklers covers a semicircle with radius 3 m. The shaded region remains dry. Find the area of the unwatered region to the nearest square meter.

A. 53

B. 30

C. 40

D. 72

CSET Mathematics Subtest 3 Practice Test Question

Find the value(s) of c that satisfy the Mean Value Theorem for f(x) = 2x4 + 6x – 2 on the interval [-1, 1].

A. -1

B. 0

C. 1

D. 6

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