CSET Multiple Subjects Practice Test Questions

Below are sample CSET Multiple Subjects practice test questions from various areas of the exam.

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CSET Multiple Subjects Subtest 1 Practice Test Question

Read the passage below and use it to answer the question that follows.

1With its warm weather, sunshine, and dozens of tourist attractions, California draws thousands of visitors from all over the world. 2While cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco often take center stage, many of the state’s smaller towns also present wonderful opportunities for adventure, fun, and relaxation. 3One great small-town tourist stop is Oak Glen, nestled at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains. 4Rooted in a tradition of apple growing, Oak Glen offers visitors a chance to pick their own fruit or buy pies, cobblers and candied apples at numerous stores throughout this charming hillside community. 5Music, hayrides, and even a petting zoo, make this a great destination for clean air and family fun.

Which of the following would best be described as the topic sentence of the passage above?

A. Sentence 1
B. Sentence 2
C. Sentence 3
D. Sentence 4

CSET Multiple Subjects Subtest 2 Practice Test Question

Anne wants to tie a support line from the top of a 50 foot radio tower to an anchor spot 30 feet from the tower’s base.  Approximately how long will the line need to be?

A. 58.3 feet

B. 12 feet

C. 64 feet

D. 52.6 feet

CSET Multiple Subjects Subtest 3 Practice Test Question

Which of the following improvisational acting activities would best help students learn about character development?

A. Having students write up a character bio, including where their character works, their family history, etc.

B. Making up a situation in which a student’s character must make a choice, and then asking them to play out the scene.

C. Asking students to make a list of their 10 favorite movie characters.

D. Having students pretend to feel different emotions and demonstrate those feelings visually, without speaking.

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